Antique Uzbek Silk Prayer Niche Mihrab Suzani

From a collection of Syrian shawls and other antique textiles acquired in Turkey in September; a late 19th century silk embroidered suzani from Uzbekistan (or possibly Kirghizstan) in niche form related to a prayer mihrab. There is an interesting article on this type of suzani on Turkotek HERE. Hand made silk embroidery on a very finely woven, thin silk fabric composed of several panels stitched together. The silk fabric is fragile from age and ideally should be conserved by being backed with another fabric. The quality of the embroidered flower design is excellent, as are its colours which are fresh and unfaded. There is some fading to the background silk fabric which has some holes and tears, mainly at the edge (see last two photos). An unusual and affordable antique silk suzani.

Size 268cm x 170cm No 5095 €350