Antique Syrian Ottoman period konak house No 0638

An unique Syrian Ottoman miniature konak house faithfully reproducing all the furniture, interior decorations, rugs and textiles of a period residence.

The entirely hand-made contents of the house include; a Syrian couple in period Ottoman costume and their baby in a cradle with a black nurse or servant, an upholstered divan in fromt of finely latticed windows with silk curtains, an octagonal inlaid Mishrabiye table, copper trays, shisha pipes, spindles, a brazier, a full length mirror, embroidered wall hangings and a rug, two calligraphies of Syrian proverbs. The house is constructed of three walls, a floor and roof which all slot together with tabs in the manner of a stage set with kutnu silk curtains on the front opening. The exterior of the house is painted in the manner of a konak house, described by Wikipedia as a period Ottoman empire house, especially an official residence.

The two calligraphies of Syrian proverbs read on the back wall; ‘And God is capable of anything’ and on the right hand wall; ‘Who enters as a stranger will die as a stranger’.

Size approximately 16” x12” or 40cm x 30cm. No 0638  SOLD