Antique Provençal Kutnu Silk Bag

An antique silk bag or large purse made in Provence in the early 1900s from Turkish Kutnu silk kilim fabric from Gaziantep. The bag is in remarkably good condition and the silk textile (which is a slik weft on a strong cotton foundation) is definitely robust enough to be used. The two outer panels are a little faded compared to the inner folded panels which have not been exposed to light, but I believe this actually enhances the beauty of the bag. The handles are also made of the same textile formed into ropes and the tassel at the bottom of the bag is also silk.

Kutnu silk fabric is a luxurious textile and its weaving has a long history in south east Turkey where it was brought to Gaziantep from Aleppo in Syria in the 17th century. There is now only one workshop in Gaziantep still producing this wonderful silk fabric.

The bag is 50cm from the top of the handles to the bottom of the tassel. The woven silk kilim bag excluding the handles and tassels is 22.5cm x 11cm No 3470 €65 Sold